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          Building materials for building resource center business process coordination meeting
          Time: 2020-06-12 source: Resource Center Author: Chen Yiheng Browse: Ninety


          On the afternoon of June 10, 2020, the company held the resource center business process coordination meeting in the seven floor conference room. Liao Shaofeng, deputy general manager of the company, attended the meeting, the market operation Department, the resource center, the settlement center and the information management department.
          At the meeting, the resource center introduced the business process and function division of the material system, and put forward suggestions for improving the operation of the new system and new models. The relevant functional departments of the government answered and made suggestions for the improvement suggestions.
          At the end of the meeting, Liao Shaofeng focused on the deployment of the material system. First, we set a clear target, and the task is intense. We need to strengthen communication between the units and headquarters to ensure that the material system is on time. Departments and units should enhance their sense of responsibility. The cement and asphalt materials system must be fully implemented in the end of June. The two is to put in place, the units designated special person to carry out resource docking, timely delivery training, settlement training, system use training. The departments and departments do well in the service, complete the order entry, order settlement, invoice checking and so on on time and quantity. The business operators of the molecular company must upload the receipts in time and fill in the quantity accurately.


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