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          Hefei building materials branch to carry out three party activities to deepen the theme of Education
          Time: 2020-06-16 source: Hefei building materials Author: Tian Xiaoqing Browse: Forty





          In order to deepen the education of party conduct and integrity, we must build a solid ideological defense line for Party members and cadres to resist corruption and prevent corruption, and push them forward. "Three cases" Warning education, Six month Twelve On the afternoon of the afternoon, the Hefei branch of the building materials branch organized all the party members, activists, directors and marketing personnel to Hefei. Qingfeng Park, a clean government education base, is educated in party conduct and honest administration.

          Hefei City Qingfeng park is located in Hefei traffic Klc Holdings Ltd. Six thousand and six hundred Square meters, by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in the SASAC discipline inspection group, Hefei construction investment group, Hefei trading company, Hefei Municipal Design Institute Four Family units work together. In the "Qingfeng Park", we have listened to the introduction of the four theme exhibition areas, namely, "forge ahead", "honest and clean" model, "Anhui Lian Shi" and "Mo Yun style".

          Through visiting Qingfeng Park, all the visitors feel the quality of Chong De, Chong de and Xi De, and further enhance the sense of honesty and self-discipline and the ability to resist corruption. The visitors agreed that they should be highly educated in honest education and ideological baptism. "Do not forget our hearts, bear in mind our mission", and build a moral defense line of honesty and self-discipline from the mind. We should always tighten the strings of discipline and discipline, abide by Party discipline and regulations, and preserve the advanced qualities of Communist Party members.


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