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          The Party branch of Hefei building materials Co., Ltd. carried out three party day activities with case warning education theme
          Time: June 16, 2020 source: Hefei building materials Author: Tian Xiaoqing Views: ninety-five





          In order to deepen the education of party conduct and honesty, build a strong ideological line of defense against corruption and degeneration of Party members and cadres, and make a solid progress in deepening it "Three cases" Warning education, six month twelve On the afternoon of June, the Party branch of Hefei building materials organized all Party members, activists for joining the party, the person in charge of the center and marketing personnel to Hefei Qingfeng Park: visit the clean government education base to receive the education of party conduct and clean government.

          Hefei City "Qingfeng Park" is located in Hefei Transportation Investment Holding Co., Ltd six thousand and six hundred It is composed of the discipline inspection team of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in SASAC, Hefei Construction Investment Group, Hefei traffic investment company and Hefei Municipal Design Institute four All units work together to build. In the "Qingfeng Park", you will listen to the explanation and introduction in front of the four theme exhibition areas: forge ahead, clean and honest model, Anhui honest history and Mohun family style. You can stop to see the scenery and think about honesty, and feel the values of "home", "country" and "honesty".

          Through visiting the Qingfeng Park, all the visitors realized the quality of valuing morality, advocating morality and cultivating morality, and further enhanced the awareness of honesty and self-discipline and the ability to resist corruption and prevent degeneration. The visitors unanimously said that they were deeply baptized by integrity education and ideology, and must be promoted in their work and life in the future "Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission", build a moral defense line of honesty and self-discipline in ideology, always tighten the string of discipline and rules, strictly abide by the party discipline and regulations, and always maintain the advanced nature of the Communist Party members.


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