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Hefei branch conducts summer safety training and safety knowledge competition in 2020
Time: 2020-06-16 source: Hefei branch Author: Zhang Weiyang Browse: Fifty




To implement the group and building materials " Safe production month " To improve the professional quality of staff safety management. Six month Fifteen In the afternoon, Hefei branch launched summer special safety training and safety knowledge competition.

This summer safety education and training is chaired by Kong Weixun, deputy manager of Hefei branch. New crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work related knowledge to make specific explanation. At the same time, organize all staff to watch safety incidents and alert educational films, through the way of viewing education. The safety concept of "eliminating hidden dangers and building a safe and defensive line" will enter the mind.

Then, in the light of the risks that may be encountered in the operation of the Hefei branch, the safety knowledge contest is carried out in the form of closed book, and the safety consciousness of all employees is enhanced.

Li Shuwei, the person in charge of Hefei branch, made a summary of this education and training. First, we should take this "safety month" activity as an opportunity to continuously strengthen staff safety education and improve the safety awareness of all employees; two, we should closely follow the theme of this Safety Month activities and seriously carry out various forms of safety activities; three, the coming of the flood season, we should increase staff safety training in flood season. Ensure the safety of life and property of employees.



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